10 Ways to Remind Your Kids You Love Them

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  1. Send them little surprise notes in their lunchboxes When I was little, nothing beat opening up my lunch bag to find a little note from my mom taped to my little Ziploc bag full of baby carrots. It reminded me she was thinking of me, and it made me feel good, especially on field trip days when I knew I could get a little homesick.


  1. Keep a little journal for them Pick out a journal and ask your kid their favorite part of the week before going to bed every Sunday. Years later they’ll be able to remember the highlights of their childhood years, and it will have been a good parent-child bonding experience as well.


  1. Carve messages on bananas


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Using a non-sharp knife, it’s easy to carve an “I love you!” or similar messages onto bananas as a mid-day reminder that you’re thinking of your kid!


  1. Smile when your kid walks into the room By always acknowledging their presence and letting them know that they make any room brighter, you are telling them you love them!


  1. Put their favorite music on in the car

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Even if it causes you headaches, they’ll be happy to hear their favorite tunes on the go, especially before and after long school days, or road trips.


  1. Make some time in the mornings for cuddles Wake your children up and cuddle with them or give them morning tickles to start the day on the right foot!


  1. Frame pieces of art they make


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That will show you really appreciate your child’s work, and they will feel proud, especially when guests come to the house and admire their masterpieces.


  1. Bring your kid to work one day Let them be a part of your professional world for a bit – it won’t seem as mysterious to them, and they’ll know what you’re up to all day!


  1. Bake something special when they have friends over

Photo by Anna Arteaga

Nothing beats home-made cookies for your kids and their friends on a school afternoon! Even their friends will feel love by small gestures like these


  1. Have a family fun night – just because Never too late to pull out the old UNO or Monopoly game after everyone’s done with their homework! It’s a nice way for everyone to break out of their stressful weekday routines.


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