Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us (it’s May 13th, just in case you forgot!). If you haven’t thought about what to get for mom, grandma, or any other special mom figure in your life, we’ve got you covered. Instead of going with the standard flowers, candy, or jewelry, try a homemade gift.


When you have little ones in the house, let them make a gift that will be remembered longer than those flowers or candy. Here are some ideas that will likely be on the top of the favorite Mother’s Day gifts list.



Queen for a Day



If mom is treated as a queen for a day, it should be Mother’s Day! So, why not give her the crown she deserves?



This is easy to make and only requires construction paper, markers, stickers and some self-adhesive jewels. Have your child decorate the crown however he’d like. Mom can feel like royalty on Mother’s Day and any other day thanks to this handmade gift.



Fingerprint Cards



Finding that perfect card for Mother’s Day can be difficult, so why not have a child make one instead? All you need is construction paper, ink, and child’s fingers of course! Dip thumbs and fingers into ink to make the bodies of a little family of their favorite animal. Once the ink dries you can help your child draw in the bodies. This one takes cuteness to the next level!


Mother’s Day Handprint Poem



Roses are red, violets are blue, I wrote this poem just for you.” You can help a child write some cute lines to make this gift or go online and print a poem instead. Either way this makes a heartwarming gift. This craft requires paper plates, washable paint, glue, scissors, and any other decorations you want to add…and of course the child’s handprint! The instructions are easy to follow.



Mother’s Day Handprint Apron



Use your child’s handprint to make an apron as well. You can find any plain white apron in a craft store.



Grab some washable paint and let your child get creative with making handprints, fingerprints, footprints or whatever else he’d like to decorate the apron. The sky is certainly the limit with this handmade gift.



Reasons Why I Love Mommy Jar



We’re saving the best for last here with this homemade gift idea.






The “Reasons Why I Love Mommy (or someone special) Jar” may get mommy a little misty on Mother’s Day morning. Help your child write down all the reasons why they love mom or grandma. Once you have all of the reasons written down on little pieces of paper, put them in a jar that the child has decorated. This is a gift mom can treasure for years to come as she re-reads all of the reasons why she’s loved!

With ideas like these, who needs a store-bought gift?


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