The famous celebration of Carnaval in Brazil, actually originated in Europe as a “spring festival”, people enjoyed wearing masks and playing pranks at parties, and dancing in the streets during the 15th century too. When Europeans immigrated to Brazil, they brought this festival with them, now known as Carnaval. However, indigenous people living in Brazil wore and created hand made masks long before the immigration, representing cultural legends, like those of earth’s creation and floods. Children at WSS learned so many more fascinating fun facts about Brazil during July, below are some more highlights.


Teachers and children spent the month preparing for our Art Show as well as the Preschool graduation in August, two special events all families love being a part of!

Love as a principle, order as a basis- progress the goal” Ordem E Progress




Much of the curriculum is child driven, teachers observe children’s learning and figure out ways of extending their knowledge, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of topics at hand. In science, they are able to explore life science, physical science, technology science, as well as basic astronomy. Our annual field trips to the Museum of Science continued.


Life science




Physical development & Life skills


At an early age, children develop life and physical skills before advancing to academics. In order for them to have a solid cognitive foundation, teachers work to provide opportunities for children to work on 4 main skills: Concentration, Coordination, Order and Independence.

This month, children worked with the Amazing Athletes team on some physical activity at the field, they tried different sports.

Language Arts

At Rock and Roll, we have an extreme love for books. Teachers and directors continue to provide various opportunities of reading and looking at books. During the summer, children visit “Books on wheels” and  get to bring home one book each, every week, for absolutely free!! They love coming back on Fridays from the park and reading their books laying on their mats before nap time. A guest author and children’s book writer, Alex McConduit also visited to do a book reading and performed a song on the trumpet. Children were so engaged on this hot day -befitting as they were learning about the culture of eating snowballs in New Orleans, they even had a Q&A at the end!

As always, children got their scribbles and drawings out too. Language Arts is all about conveying messages creatively and accurately.


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