When the mercury starts dropping, the boredom blues start rising. The option to send the kids outside to play goes out the window when it just gets too cold to play outside. While many kids would grab their gadgets to entertain themselves, you don’t want them sitting in front of a screen all day or all winter for that matter. 


It’s important to keep their minds and bodies moving when they’re indoors! If you’re stumped for ideas, try these to beat the winter boredom blues.


Build a Fort


There’s something about building a fort that kids love! Grab all the pillows and blankets you can find, and get building. Depending on your creativity level and how much space you have, you can build a couple of forts and the kids can go in and out of them. You can even craft some makeshift flags with their names on them. Decorate them with different art supplies and you’ve got another activity to keep them busy!


Strike Up the Band!






There’s nothing like some music to get the kids excited and moving! If you have some toy instruments or maybe even some real instruments, great! If not, you can make your own. Create shakers with plastic Easter eggs filled with rice. You can also make instruments by joining two spoons together with a rubber band to make clacking noises. If you can’t to a store to get these supplies, pots, pans, and spoons can also make some great instruments! Get a hairbrush out for a microphone and you’re ready to get the band together!


Indoor Scavenger Hunts:


Get the whole family involved with this indoor scavenger hunt! Create easy clues and hide the items around your home. For a prize at the end, you can give homemade coupons for a sweet treat or special activity.


Create Your Own Play or Puppet Show:





You can do one of two things here depending on the age of your children. If you have little ones, you can create your puppet show. Take a pair of socks or old shirts (stuff the top for a head) and get to decorating those puppets! Draw a face with markers and grab some odds and ends around the house to make your special puppet unique. You can act out the show for your kids or let them get in on the action.


If your kids are older, let them create their own theater production. They can write out their scripts and make their own costumes. You can snag a part too if you want or you can be part of the audience. Whichever you choose, this activity is bound to keep the kids busy for a while and be entertaining at the same time.


When you’re trying to beat the winter boredom blues with your kids, the key is to find an activity that they’re interested in and one that’s fun too. These activities don’t have to cost a lot of money. They just need to be something that will keep them from saying “I’m bored” all winter long!  


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