Welcome back to the WorldSong Schools monthly blog! Here we cover what the community has been busy with, with a peak inside each classroom. During the month of January, these tiny humans explored certain themes across the board, while simultaneously working on classroom and individual goals, as they usually do so. The three themes were; Jamaica, caring for our bodies and transportation.

Our Bodies

Attempting to reach, pluck and bang on the guitar; working on gross motor skills and hand eye coordination during infant music class.

While giving their bodies a closer look, infants enjoyed some much needed tummy time and crawling, as well as exploring painting with their hands and feet, walking and holding a bottle. Toddlers and Preschoolers too learned about the parts of their bodies, food and Teeth-brushing.

Preschool teachers worked diligently on promoting healthier eating habits and independence in serving snack as well as important food groups. Preschoolers also explored their five senses; learning to use your five senses effectively at an earlier age, can lead to sharper senses. As part of the Practical life program, they occasionally prepare their own snack, last month; delicious banana-yogurt popsicles!


Toddlers explored Transportation by learning about different vehicles and their purposes. Their obvious interest in firetrucks sparked much interest in firefighters and community helpers too. While learning about EMTs, buses and airplanes, during some of their walks children were attentive to sounds surrounding them, including one of a propeller of an airplane. They thought it would be fun to create their own airplanes and discussed the steps and visions needed to build one. While learning about traffic lights, they played “Red light green light” for gross motor time!

Making a firetruck


Children began with learning about Martin Luther King junior on MLK Day, and further delved into black history during February. They read many story books and had heartfelt discussions throughout. Children honored MLK by hearing parts of his monuments speech and learning about his dream and sharing what their own dreams are. They also created a door to show unity.

Painting red lanterns for Chinese New year

Our current cultural study is Jamaica. Preschoolers explored the wondrous land in Jamaica with mountains, tropical forests, water bodies, foods, festivals, the lives of people and much more with non fiction books and all the teachers useful research! Children prepared for their musical performance in February and created Dr Hummingbirds and the Jamaican flag too.

Students discovered that mangoes were slightly acidic when they added baking soda. They mixed different food colors and created new colors with the mango’s color, and learned many different things about the skin of the mango too, naturally we ate some to enlighten our tastebuds too.

Preschool Academics

Skip counting by 5s during Circle time

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