It’s the middle of winter. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You’ve read your child every book in your house…twice.
  • You’ve gone through your DVD selection from A to Z and exhausted all of your Netflix options.
  • The board games have been played so many times that your kids (and you) are bored.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar then you and your family have a case of cabin fever.

Lucky for you, we have some cures!

Make a spring/summer wish list:

Why not escape to warmer temperatures by thinking of all the things you want to do once the weather improves? Ask your little ones what they want to do when it gets warmer. Talk about the places you want to visit and make a list. Just be sure to make it a list of things that are reasonable. There’s nothing worse than having a wish list that remains just that! By making this list early you can also keep an eye out for any coupons or deals that may pop up.

Create your own movie:

If your kids like watching movies, try making one where they’re the stars! Get all of those dress-up clothes out and help them develop a storyline.

If your kids are younger, this is going to be a shorter movie with lots of improvising! But, if your kids are school-age, try helping them write lines and a story that they can act out. You can play the role of director and record them on your phone. Better yet, if you have a home video camera, use that! This can be a project that can span a few weeks, creating a cabin fever cure that goes the distance.

Make an indoor hopscotch board. :

Who says you have to be outside to play hopscotch? Get your hands on some large pieces of cardboard and some masking tape. “Draw” the board with the tape and secure it down to the floor.

This will not only make your kids feel as though they’re outside, but it will also give them the physical activity they may be lacking from being inside all winter. If you don’t have rugs in your home you can also tape the board right to the floor. But, don’t ruin your floors in the name of cabin fever!

Go camping…indoors:

Build the tent or fort; bring a flashlight to tell ghost stories, as well as any favorite blankets and toys. Your kids can feel like they’re going camping but with the modern conveniences of a bathroom and homemade food!

Create a scavenger hunt:

Hide clues and items around the house and create your own scavenger hunt. If your child is reading age they can do this by themselves. If not, create the scavenger hunt and have an older sibling or adult help your little one figure out the clues and find all the items. This is an activity that will get their minds and bodies moving.

The next you’re feeling the cabin fever creep in, try one of these activities to cure everyone’s boredom and maintain your sanity!


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