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We empower children to lead extraordinarily fulfilling lives. Children take the lead in their own learning journey, and our environment is thoughtfully designed and adapted to encourage their self-driven exploration of materials and activities at their own comfortable pace

Diverse Musical Learning

We weave a musical experience into the lesson every day, and teach children about the music and culture of countries from all around the world.

Whether plucking a Japanese song on a violin string for the first time, dancing to the rhythms and melodies of a Peruvian song, singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in Italian language, or premiering African beats in a drum solo for an audience of their peers, our students spend a significant portion of every day honing their musical skills through a combination of specialist-led instruction and independent music play.

Music Exploration

Our carefully designed music area allow free music exploration, featuring a variety of instruments with unique textures of sound, curated to stimulate a wide array of fine motor functions. Preschool children have the opportunity to practice their chosen instrument in classes as part of their daily routine.

Cultural Curriculum

We are committed to developing global citizens with an appreciation and understanding of peoples and cultures from around the world and in our local community. Every two months, a new culture is integrated into the classroom and music curricula. Students learn about new cultures through community ambassador visits, singing songs in foreign languages, retelling folklore, and creating visual art inspired by our focus culture.

Group Music Classes

Students sing, dance, shake, create, and play during daily group classes with our music specialists, that use a range of techniques including creative movement, improvisation, puppetry, collaborative storytelling, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics to spark the imaginations of the next generation of creative pioneers.

Child Performances

At the end of the study period, students perform and display their musical and arts works at community International Nights, featuring parent/child cooking, a community potluck, and performances from guest artists.

Performance opportunities to showcase a student’s talent and hard work are a critical part of any music education. We offer our students a safe space to perform, take risks, and experiment while still being supported and nurtured by their school and parent community.

Montessori Inspired

We’ve spent the last seven years drawing from the Montessori philosophy and developing strategies to make learning fun and intuitive for young children.

Practical life and care-of-self activities such as serving and eating snack, washing dishes and using the toilet are an important part of the toddler’s day. Sensorial activities, language and math, science and culture become that of the preschooler.

A carefully curated learning environment

A safe learning space for infants and toddlers, where they can move and explore freely. Older toddlers and preschoolers engage in periods of uninterrupted work time, in which teachers invite them to short lessons.


Children engage in interactive music sessions led by skilled instructors, where they can explore various cultures of the worlds, listen to different instruments, sing their hearts out, and develop a strong sense of rhythm and harmony.


Our daycare centers take pride in offering nutritious meals and snacks prepared with fresh ingredients. We strive to create a positive mealtime experience, teaching children about the importance of balanced nutrition while ensuring they enjoy their meals.


Our daycare centers are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to monitor access and ensure a safe perimeter. We maintain a low staff-to-child ratio to provide personalized attention and supervision. Additionally, our facilities are regularly inspected and sanitized to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Adult education

At WorldSong Schools, we believe that investing in adult education is an investment in the future of our children. Our Teacher Training program equips our staff with the principles and practices of the Montessori method and our Music Education program.

Music education for children

As you’ve probably heard, music is good for kids.

But why is it?​

The inclusion of music into our educational model speaks to the spirituality of the child. We believe that partaking in music and art speaks to what it means to be human.


While numerous studies suggest that music serves as a foundation for enhanced speech, mathematical prowess, logical reasoning, and improved memorization skills, at WorldSong Schools we firmly believe that music not only enhances cognitive abilities but also enriches individuals, contributing positively to humanity as a whole.


Countless studies identify music-making at an early age as paramount for the developing body and brain.


Our students spend a significant portion of each day honing their musical skills through a combination of specialist-led instruction and independent music play.

FIDDLEFOX: World Music
for young children

Our sister company and research and development wing, Fiddlefox, develops new classroom materials every year to offer a deeper understanding of music, offering hands-on, self-correcting tasks that will develop a child’s musical sensibility and prepare tem to read music notation at the elementary level.

World Heritage Songbooks

Each World Heritage Songbook collects and translates four beloved children’s songs from countries across the globe. Each song features text in its native language and English translation, with lush, colorful illustrations from Gabriela Issa Chacon.

Learning materials

The unique program at Fiddlefox provides children with a broad array of musical experiences from our diverse collection of learning materials.

A musical bridge between school and home

Share in your child’s musical learning at school by singing along at home. Schools and families can work together to practice voice skills in the classroom and the car seat.

Raising Conscious Global Citizens

At Fiddlefox we believe our society finds strength through diversity. We are proud to celebrate a wide range of countries, the people and artists who make them who they are, and the next generation to carry on to these treasured cultural traditions.

Fiddlefox, develops new classroom materials every year to offer a deeper understanding of music, offering hands-on, self-correcting tasks that will develop a child’s musical sensibility and prepare them to read music notation at the Elementary level.


Enjoy the learning, bonding, and joy of making music with Fiddlefox. We provide tools and resources for children to connect to the World, and each other, through music.

World Heritage Story Time!
Each month we feature different children’s stories and folk tales from around the world.


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