montessori inspired

We’ve spent the last seven years drawing from the Montessori philosophy and developing strategies to make learning fun and intuitive for young children.

music and culture

We weave a musical experience into the lesson every day, and teach children about the music and culture of countries from all around the world.

challenge education

Our Challenge Education System taps into children’s inner motivation. Children discover, solve and create their way through the curriculum.

award winning system

The Rock and Roll Method offers children geographic literacy while enjoying the music and culture from countries all around the world.

A few things we are great at

We empower children to have amazingly great lives. Children are the initiators of their own learning, so the environment is prepared and adjusted for children to engage with the materials and activities at their own pace.

close up of a kid playing a guitar


We believe that music is a conduit to learning. Each child participates in a numerous array of musical activities each day, from morning group music classes, to one-on-one engagement with music specialists, afternoon music and arts classes, monthly performances, and private lessons.


Customized, tasty food options are made available for all toddler and preschool children through “Smart Lunches”.

A healthy and nutritious breakfast, delicious morning and afternoon snacks, and a complete lunch are provided each day.


As a family owned business, we realize that convenience is important. To save you time, we provide diapers and wipes for all infant and toddler children in our program. All of our daily communication is electronic, straight to your email, and tuition payments are automated.


Our daily child reporting app provides parents with a high level of detail for diapering, feeding, and sleeping times, as well as an account of the activities that your child participated in each day. We provide online parental access to our classroom camera system, and allow parents to access numerous parent trainings online.

Indoor and outdoor spaces

Each of our facilities has a designated playspace for the children to run and be active during those days when it is too cold to go outdoors.

All of our centers are surrounded by a rich array of wonderful playgrounds within 1-2 blocks of each of our facilities, allowing a great degree of freedom for children to explore and enjoy.

Adult education

The Rock and Roll Institute, embraces our core philosophies of music, Montessori, and cultural education and provides the highest level of training for teachers in early childhood, keeping us on the front lines of childcare.

We host parent education sessions, we work in partnership with parental support organizations, and we hold community music classes on site, online and in libraries.

An attractive and carefully curated learning environment

A safe learning space for infants and toddlers, where they can move and explore freely.

Older toddlers and preschoolers engage in periods of uninterrupted work time, in which teachers invite them to short lessons.

Watch a day in the life
of a Rock and Roll toddler:

diverse musical learning

Whether plucking a Japanese song on a violin string for the first time, dancing to the rhythms and melodies of a Peruvian song, singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in Italian language, or premiering African beats in a drum solo for an audience of their peers, our students spend a significant portion of every day honing their musical skills through a combination of specialist-led instruction and independent music play.

montessori inspired

Practical life and care-of-self activities such as serving and eating snack, washing dishes and using the toilet are an important part of the toddler’s day. Sensorial activities, language and math, science and culture become that of the preschooler.

music exploration

Our carefully designed music area allow free music exploration, featuring a variety of instruments with unique textures of sound, curated to stimulate a wide array of fine motor functions. Preschool children have the opportunity to practice their chosen instrument in classes as part of their daily routine.

group music classes

Students sing, dance, shake, create, and play during daily group classes with our music specialists, that use a range of techniques including creative movement, improvisation, puppetry, collaborative storytelling, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics to spark the imaginations of the next generation of creative pioneers.

cultural curriculum

We are committed to developing global citizens with an appreciation and understanding of peoples and cultures from around the world and in our local community. Every two months, a new culture is integrated into the classroom and music curricula. Students learn about new cultures through community ambassador visits, singing songs in foreign languages, retelling folklore, and creating visual art inspired by our focus culture.

child performances

At the end of the study period, students perform and display their musical and arts works at community International Nights, featuring parent/child cooking, a community potluck, and performances from guest artists.

Performance opportunities to showcase a student’s talent and hard work are a critical part of any music education. We offer our students a safe space to perform, take risks, and experiment while still being supported and nurtured by their school and parent community.


World Music for young children

Our sister company and research and development wing, Fiddlefox, develops new classroom materials every year to offer a deeper understanding of music, offering hands-on, self-correcting tasks that will develop a child’s musical sensibility and prepare tem to read music notation at the elementary level.

The materials are developed in the style of Montessori teaching tools, and offer hands-on, self-correcting tasks that will develop a child’s musical sensibility and prepare him or her to read music notation at the Elementary level.

Fiddlefox also publishes illustrated songbooks, music recordings, and activity books based on our Cultural Currents curriculum to strengthen the connection between music learning in the classroom and at home.

This unique program offers parents an opportunity through music and culture to create a stronger bond with their children by bringing music to life at home and attending our extra curricular events and classes.

Contributors include New York based music producer Marc Diaz, GRAMMY award winning recording engineer, Jeremy Loucas, Illustrator Gabriela Issa Chacon, and Fiddlefox founders, Christopher Vuk and Phil Berman. 

Daily schedule

3 months – walking (12-15 months)

Calm, safe spaces for each infant to safely move and explore their new environment

Transition room for toddlers (1-2 yrs)

Toddler develop skills to help grow in confidence and independence

Active learning (2-3 yrs)

Children learn to take care of themselves and take care of the environment

Independence in learning (3-6 yrs)

Exposure to free academic exploration, music, visual arts, dance, & theater.

The Rock and Roll award-winning program has been featured in: