One of the best gifts you can receive from your kids is something that they made by hand (especially with you in mind!). So, this Father’s Day consider helping your kids make dad a gift he’ll treasure. From rock paperweights to hand print art, there are lots of fun ideas out there. Here are seven Father’s Day gifts kids can make themselves (with a little help from mom, of course)!




Pasta sign




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Instead of writing a message in a card, consider making a sign—and using pasta instead of crayons or pens! Grab some fun-shaped pasta (such as colored macaroni or plain curly noodles), cardstock, glue, paint, and a paintbrush, and get to craft-ing.




All about my dad

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Print out these fun fill-in-the-blank cards and have your child fill one out (or dictate to you) for daddy. You can download a template here. It’s always a kick to see what your kids think about your job, favorite things, and what they love doing with you!



Father’s Day coupons


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Make dad a booklet of cute coupons for fun “services” dad can redeem: things like making breakfast, food rubs, bringing dad a snack, and—for older kids—mowing the lawn, washing the car, and more. Simply download the coupon template here. You can also cut card stock and make a cover if you’d like.




“I love you this much” card



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Show dad exactly how much you love him (well, on a miniature scale) with this adorable card. You trace your child’s hand, cut two copies, then cut a strip of paper and fold it accordion-style, writing “so much” on the strip and “I love you” on the hands. Find more information on Tiff Keetch’s blog.





Desk organizer

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Celebrate working dads with a cute—and practical—desk organizer. You’ll need three aluminum cans, metal paint, metal-rimmed tags, colored rubber bands, and a few other items listed here.





Rock paperweight



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Go on a hunt in your backyard or in the neighborhood for a smooth, flat rock. Wash it well and let it dry. Then, with some acrylic paint, let your child have at it! Paint a butterfly, ladybug, heart, an abstract design, dad’s face, or even a silly “My dad rocks”!  




Hand print art



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It’s always fun to preserve your kids’ height and hand size at various points in their childhood, and kids love painting their hands, so hand print art is a win win! Grab a paintbrush and your child’s favorite colors; then, and paint their hands(s), being sure to get all the ridges and lines. Then, gently press the hand(s) on the paper. Once it’s dry, you can add a Father’s Day message. Voilà! All done.


One of these gifts is sure to be a winner. Your child will have fun and daddy will love that his little one made him a gift! Happy Father’s Day, dads!


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