We had a busy month at WorldSong Schools learning all about Fall and exploring Turkey as part of the cultural studies program. We ended the month with our Turkish international night where children performed songs in Turkish and held our annual Halloween parade too!

Lets take a look at what the Montessori inspired infant classrooms were up to this month..

Exploring different textures on a sensory board


Looking at different faces and emotions, as the teacher makes similar faces to help babies learn about emotions


Here a baby is attempting to pull items out of a webbed basket to practice their hand-eye coordination. This kind of activity also helps prepare them for everyday life skills, a big part of the Montessori program


Having yoga class with our wonderful ms Kimberly.

In our Toddler classrooms, children were busy exploring pumpkins! They carved, decorated and painted them to display for their halloween parade. They also used them to practice their fine motor strength and hand eye coordination.

Painting pumpkins


Inserting popsicle sticks in different slots

Some Toddler 2 children created many scarecrows with different shape, made textured corn on the cobs, and pumpkin art for their Fall mural. 

Making scarecrows while learning about shapes.

They also practiced pouring liquids into different containers, to help their practical life skills. While they work. They also learned how to dry the materials and place them back on the shelf, ready for the next person to use once they are finished using them. This way, even toddlers learn about responsibility from an early age!


Another classroom visited the Museum of Science this month!

Hand painting pumpkins on the classroom windows!

In one of our Preschool classrooms children focused on art appreciation and built their art related vocabulary. Children looked at different art including pointillism and cubism as well as famous artists. They experimented with different mediums, including photography where children paired up and took turns being the model and photographer. At the end of October, they put on an art show where they named, described, and mounted each piece to show to the whole center! 

Preschool photography exhibit

They also went on a field trip for National Fossil Day where they rode the train through Boston to go to an exhibit where they got the opportunity to talk to paleontologists, touch fossils, and learn about fossils.

In another classroom, Preschoolers explored Turkey by looking at photos of different places, foods and Turkish art. They also learned about Turkish instruments and their unique sounds with Ms Nesli, our music teacher who is from Turkey! Children explored the art of marbling, made hot air balloons and learned about Fall.

Making bookmarks with marbling art

Painting paper mache hot air balloons

Preschoolers also had an apple tasting in their classroom, where the tasted ten different types of apples in New England and categorized the tastes together! Some children also made alphabet and apple booklets.

Using sand with a hidden rainbow under, to write letters and names.


Making pumpkins with play dough

A busy Halloween afternoon

All year round, children reflect on what they learn about a certain culture, science project or an ongoing theme by creating art, based on their ideas. Children worked hard on decorating their classroom walls with their artwork!


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