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Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 14th, and what better day to celebrate (other than a spa day, of course) than a fun “date” with your kids?


From catching a play to sneaking out of the house for breakfast, there are plenty of options. And the good news is that even if you only get to one or two of these dates now, you can always save more of the activities for later! Here are 10 date ideas for Mother’s Day.



1. Go out for frozen yogurt:


We know: any excuse to have froyo, right? Kids love frozen yogurt (almost as much as moms), and it’s an extra special treat this time of year as the weather warms up.



2. Plan a scavenger hunt



OK, this one takes a little planning, but it will be worth it. Plant clues, make a map, give your kids a prize at the end. It’s a great way to pass the time! Your child (and/or your significant other) could even plan a scavenger hunt for you!



 3. Go to a play:



Take a break from your usual routine and go see a play with your kids. For families living in the Boston area, here are some family plays and shows happening in May.



 4. Get your nails done

A trip to the nail salon is always fun, and nowadays even kids are getting in on the action. Let your child pick out a color for you (if you’re brave); let them get rainbow sparkly polish—it’s bound to be a good time.



 5. Take your child to a “fancy” restaurant



“Fancy” is what you make it, of course. Show them how to open doors, pull out chairs, sip with your pinky up, call people “sir” and “madam.” You can have a lot of fun with this one!



 6. Sneaky breakfast

Sneak out of the house in the morning for a secret donut (or another favorite treat) before everyone else wakes up—but you should probably bring something back for the other hungry family members!



 7. Have a picnic




Grab a picnic basket and have your child help you pack it if he/she is old enough; they can help you put sandwiches, juice boxes, or treats inside. Then head to a pretty spot! And you don’t have to go far—you can set it up in your very own backyard!



8. Netflix + popcorn



This is another easy one you can do at home. Let your little one choose a movie he or she wants to watch, and make some popcorn. Then snuggle up and enjoy!




9.Visit the children’s museum




Children’s museums are always a hit. If you think your local museum might be closed (or just extra crowded) on Mother’s Day, save this one for another day.




10.Mini makeovers or a fashion show



Have a little fashionista (or fashionisto) on your hands? Give each other mini makeovers and/or put on a fashion show! Have your child pick out an outfit for you and then let them pick out an outfit for themselves (maybe with some of your clothes!) and strut around the house and take pictures.


We hope you’re able to do at least one of these things this Mother’s Day, and if you can’t, then you can always make a plan to do them in the near future! Have a great day, moms; you deserve it!


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