Here is Johnny Appleseed’s  Story and Activities to Entertain Your Children With


Well, story says John Chapman was the real name of the fold hero and pioneer apple farmer of the 19th century. Born in Massachusetts in 1774, he was a real dreamer. He wanted to produce enough apples for everyone to have enough to eat. 


Reflect on poverty with your children, then print out and color these Appleseed coloring pages. 

Although this description makes him seem like a foolish dreamer, who would never accomplish his goal of abolishing hunger. He was actually very organized and efficient at doing what he put his mind to. For over fifty years, he planted thousands of apple trees on land he’d buy and sell. What the businessman!


Ask your kids about their dreams, and make a  list of what plans they have to accomplish them

To be more specific, Johnny Appleseed started his seed adventures at age eighteen. He and his family took a common immigrant panth from the east coast of the US towards the midwest. After his brother stayed behind with their family, Johnny continued all the way to Indiana, carefully planting apple seeds along the way. 


Ask your kids to make a collage picture of their favorite fruit, using recycled magazines! 

Johnny was very meticulous about where and how he planted streams. Legend says he always had a leather bag with him, which he used to collect apple seeds from mills along the way before and after each settlement. He planted the seeds in forests, along streams and roads, always looking for fertile planting spots, making sure to make little fences around them made out of twigs. 


Here’s how to grow apple seeds with your children

That’s how over time, all the people in the midwest settlements started calling the famous planter, Johnny Appleseed. They say he was very friendly, and loved preaching about his faith. He didn’t like to hunt, and many friends with many Indian tribes and learned their languages fluently. Johnny also loved trading as a way of living. He’d trade his trees for food and clothing, and often give his belongings to those who needed them more than he did. 


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By Anna Arteaga


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