Technology plays a major part in our daily lives, from our phones to our tablets; the way we do things is greatly shaped by our devices. Even childcare is influenced by technological tools through several apps that are now offered. These apps are actually improving the way daycares operate and are making parents’ lives easier in the process.






Daycare centers are taking advantage of what technology has to offer to help when it comes to electronic child reports and evaluations, parental communication, and security, among other things. If you haven’t heard about them yet, check them out:





Teachers who use Tadpoles use it exclusively on the iPad, iPad Mini or the IPod Touch. They can use it throughout the day to keep track of what daily activities kids are doing as well as snap pictures to send to parents. Parents can then access a report about their child’s day as well as all those cute pictures via e-mail. Security is of utmost importance so Tadpoles makes sure there is safe sharing between parents and the daycare provider. This is a great way for daycare teachers to involve parents in their child’s day as well as keep the lines of communication open.









Another platform that is changing the way daycares do business and communicate with parents is HiMama. This one works like Tadpoles in the way that it allows daycare providers to keep an active log on the children’s day and also cuts down on a lot of paperwork on the teachers’ side. It allows them to do lesson plans, keep track of attendance, and send real-time updates to parents. Parents can download the app and keep track of their child’s activities as well as send text messages to the teacher.








Many preschools and daycare centers are also taking advantage of Kaymbu to help streamline their facilities. This program includes digital daily sheets, attendance sheets, and other support tools that cut out a lot of paperwork time and make things more efficient. Like the other platforms, Kaymbu also lets teachers take pictures and video and share them with parents. It gives parents a bird’s eye view of what is going on when they’re not around. Parents and teachers can also communicate back and forth in real time which is beneficial on both sides of the desk.




The days of keeping dozens of folders lying around and playing telephone tag with parents is over thanks to technology like this. Daycare providers can now give parents a true inside view of their child’s day while streamlining their own processes. It’s a win-win all around!



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