Believe it or not, summer will be here before you know it. Perhaps you’ve started making vacation plans or maybe you’ve even booked a trip. That’s great, but that only takes care of a small fraction of your summer. What are you going to do for the remaining time?


Whether your kids are school-aged or younger, summer is a great time to not only take advantage of seasonal activities but to also make memories going to different places and taking new adventures.


While you may have a list of ideas floating around in your head with everything else you have to do, it’s best to jot them down somewhere so you can actually see them. This bucket list of sorts makes those items on your list more tangible and realistic.


Here are some ideas to consider adding to your bucket list to make it a summer to remember.



Road trip to a zoo or museum you’ve never visited


Did someone say road trip? Pack the snacks and some entertainment for the car ride and get going to a zoo or museum that’s either new in general or just new to you!






If it’s a museum, make sure it’s age-appropriate. Kids may get a little bored if it’s not on their level. Zoos are always a win because who doesn’t love animals? Whatever it is, it will be a great day trip!



Backyard picnic or camping



If the idea of packing up the kids for a camping trip or loading the cooler makes you cringe, you can do it in your backyard.





This way you can always run inside if you forget something and there’s also a bathroom nearby! If you go the camping route, you could make it a true camping experience and even pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep out all night. If not, you can still pitch a tent and make smores, but go inside for bedtime. It’s your bucket list so you can do what you want!



Beach day or days



You can’t call it summer without a few beach days.




Invite some friends to build sandcastles and have the best beach days ever! Don’t forget the sunscreen and plenty of sand buckets.


Lemonade stand


Nothing says summer like a lemonade stand. This is not only a fun idea, but it also teaches your little ones the ABC’s of business and money. It’s never too soon to start teaching entrepreneurship!



Homemade pizza party



Make some extra lemonade to drink at your homemade pizza party. Buy the dough and all the toppings you like and bring them home to make your own pizza. Have your little ones stretch out the dough and do the work with you. Depending on your pizza preference, you may choose to cook your pizza on the grill. There are many different types of equipment to choose from that can help you get the perfect grilled pizza.



The whole idea with all of these suggestions is to make memories with your kids. This way when they’re asked what they did all summer they’ll have some really cool answers. What else would you add to the list?


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