Children at Rock n Roll were busy learning about India this month and got much needed outdoor time too. Some prepared for the annual Spring tea event by practicing pouring, serving and some grace and courtesy which includes using polite conversation. Different classrooms also spent time learning about new things.

Younger toddlers studied transportation; they looked closely at traffic lights and the stop sign while learning what the colors mean and looked at different vehicles too. They even explored vehicles in shaving cream- no road rage there!

Twinkle twinkle traffic light

Toddler classroom display

Another group of children were busy studying community helpers with ms Shelly and Kayla. They looked at ways in which firefighters, nurses and other people help our community, during this they also practiced brushing their teeth independently.

Looking at community helpers with ms Kayla

Toddlers looked at some beautiful Elephants in India and used a matching work too, they were also fascinated by the detailed designs and colors found in the Indian art. They looked at some local animals like the camel, cow, tiger and used real peacock feathers in their art!

The Lotus flower is the national flower of India, children used pipettes and water colors to “squeeze paint” their own versions

“Scooping, pouring and transferring helps children gain confidence in real practical life skills.” Ms Jill

Our Spring studies include gardening and planting; we began planting different flowers and vegetable during Earth week and continued to monitor all the plants progress. Some toddlers re-potted their plants into their garden and measured and documented the difference in growth for science.

Some older toddlers explored Fruits and vegetables, as spring is the best time to do this! Teachers showed them a new vegetable/fruit everyday; they washed it, felt, smelled and even tasted it. They also made some blueberry paint and learned the names of some exotic fruits.

Making blueberry paint

Our Indian ambassador came to visit the preschool classrooms and discussed some geography and local customs with the children. Children even learned about the intricate art form Rangoli and made their own versions. They learned about local foods, animals, some famous places, including reading some favorite folktales.

Learning some geography about India


Creating Mandalas at the Art center


Working on Rangoli

In light of spring, preschoolers investigated bugs, specifically butterflies. They did an in-depth study on the lifecycle of a butterfly with their very own classroom pets which came as caterpillars! They watched them grow, fed them, watched them metamorphosize and then released them into the wild. Children were so intrigued by the process; being able to watch it first hand and document the changes furthered their involvement and learning.

Children also planted sunflowers, zinnia and sweet-pea seeds in their mini garden and are observing changes happening, they even noticed mushrooms growing and decided not to over water them!

They also learned all about their five senses with a focus on alternative learning with students learning songs in sign language, reading books in braille, and using braille kits to write letters in braille.

Learning about braille

In a different Preschool children began learning about the history of space and how it was discovered. They learned about famous astronomers and their contributions to science, how the telescope was REALLY invented and some details about the solar system.

Invention of the telescope

Using a space themed sensory bin with “moon-sand”

One day, they even did a spring cleaning! Each child cleaned out and organized their cubbies, ready for spring.


Below are some wonderful highlights from our annual Spring tea event. It is one of the events the children and parents look forward to the most as everyone gets a chance to come together and be served by their children.



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