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Studies have shown that when parents are involved in their children’s education, children are much more likely to succeed. In 2002, the National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools found that when parents and schools work together, students get higher grades, do better on tests, take more advanced classes, and graduate and enroll in secondary education more often.

While preschoolers are a bit young for grades and tests, parental involvement in the classroom is still very beneficial for kids, parents, and teachers alike. It’s a great way to show your kids that you’re interested in what they do at school and that what they do at school is important. You’ll also get to see how your child spends their school days and connect with your child’s teachers and the school’s administrators.


Of course, you’ll need to ask your child’s teacher and/or the school to see if they are in need of assistance and what exactly they need.

Here are five ways to get involved in your child’s preschool class.



    1.Be a class reader




Offer to come in and read to the class as a whole or to individual children who might need a little extra help. Not only is it fun for the kids to have a different adult reading to them but it gives the teacher a bit of a break.




2.Be a tutor



Preschoolers usually aren’t studying philosophy or complex mathematical concepts; however, it can still be helpful for the teacher to have an extra set of hands (or brains) to help with lessons. If you can assist either the slower kids or the more advanced ones, the teacher may be able to then devote more energy to the majority.






3. Help organize class parties



As you well know, organizing a party, especially a party for kids, is lots of work. To help ease the burden on the teacher, let them know you are able and willing to take on some party planning responsibilities. You might be able to find the decorations or favors or bring snacks for the kids. With some help, the teacher can focus on planning the lesson instead of (every aspect of) the party!


4.Check in regularly




Teachers are very busy and may forget that you’re available to help. Contact the teacher on a regular basis and let them know that you’re interested in helping out and ask them what they need.


5. Offer your skills



Are you an artist? A carpenter? Do you sing or teach dance? Do you bake? These skills might come in handy in your child’s classroom. Draw or build something for the classroom; come in and sing for the kids; teach the kids how to do a dance; bake the class cookies.





These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are a ton of ways to get involved; just approach your child’s teacher and see how you can contribute!




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