WorldSong Schools and the Montessori Music Lab are excited to release the Peruvian Heritage Songbook! In today’s post, you will find complimentary copies of the following


-Peruvian Heritage E-Songbook


-Peruvian Heritage Songbook Audio


-A Welcome to Peru Booklet


-Hand Motions and Coloring Pages to the songs from the Book


-A teaching video by our Music Director, Phil Berman, with helpful tips on learning each of the songs with your children.


We hope you enjoy the Peruvian Heritage Songbook, and all the accompanying materials. Stay tuned later this month for additional Peruvian educational materials and children’s singalong videos.


Peruvian Heritage E-Songbook



Download your complimentary copy for Kindle or iBooks



Peruvian Heritage Songbook Audio



Peruvian Activity Book


Peru coloring 2



Learn the Songs with our Music Director, Phil




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