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Potty training is a major milestone for kids and parents alike, but as you know, it doesn’t come easily. Graduating to big-boy and big-girl undies takes time, patience, and various incentives to entice your child to use the toilet.

Read on for seven effective potty training incentives and rewards.

  1. Potty training reward punch cards

Let your child work towards a reward by making (or printing) potty training reward punch cards. Punch their card every time they go to the bathroom, and once they have all their holes punched they get a reward!

  1. Potty piggy bank

Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who can be motivated by cold, hard cash (or, in this case, cool round coins). Consider getting a small piggy bank and add one penny for every number one and two pennies for number two. Let your child hold the piggy bank and see how heavy it’s getting. Eventually, you can turn the penny collection into quarters and using them for rides at the mall, or whatever else will work for your child.

  1. Sticker chart

One of the most common potty training incentives is a good old fashioned sticker chart. When she goes to the bathroom, she gets to place a fun sticker on the chart. This way, she can track her progress.

  1. Practice his aim

For boys that have a hard time with the standing-up part, put four or five Cheerios in the toilet and have him aim at them when he pees. When he does it right, give him a reward he’ll like.

  1.  Colored water

Add a few drops of your child’s favorite color to the toilet bowl to make their bathroom trip a little more exciting—and colorful.

  1. Happy Jar

This is a fun one. Grab a jar and 10–15 popsicle sticks (or paper). With your child’s help, write one of your child’s favorite activities on each stick. Then, each time they have a successful bathroom trip, they get to pull one of their sticks out and do the activity!

  1. Lots of praise

If rewards aren’t your parenting style, a heavy dose of attention, positivity, and encouragement go a long way. Heap on the love and affection and celebrate small victories.

Potty training is a journey, and the timing, duration, and motivating factors are different for every child. Try a couple of these incentives and rewards and expect some trial and error. And remember that while it may look bleak at times, your child will eventually get it. Good luck!


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