We had a festive month at Rock and Roll, the biggest change children experienced was the introduction to the family style lunches as oppose to individual lunches. Naturally, teachers and parents prepared children, but they enjoyed this change a lot; they practiced serving food themselves, their friends having the same lunch as them motivated them to eat more, and more children are getting up to get second helpings everyday!

Self serving some delicious honey glazed carrot coins, Turkey Chili, fresh fruit and brown rice!

Some ideas we explored this month were Spring planting, Earth Day, South Korea and other smaller themes. Let’s take a quick peak inside the classrooms to see what the tiny humans were so busy with in April.

As we studied South Korea, we looked at delicious foods and the Toddlers made their very own paper versions of Bibimbap

This little guy is celebrating his 6 month birthday. He has learned how to roll from front to back and is starting to pull up on his hands and knees to begin to crawl. At Rock and Roll we believe every moment should be celebrated especially half birthdays!


This rock and roller is enjoying our new busy board. Utilizing his fine motor skills he works through the different manipulatives on the board. He learns how to use hand eye coordination and develops his cognitive skills as he learns about cause and effect.


Exploring the farm and zoo animals with our favorite sensorial work! Some babies loved using oil and water sensory bags this month too.


Best friends since birth! R and F enjoying some rocking chair time together. Our teachers love seeing us get along. And we love being able to sit in the teacher chair.


Toddler A are always looking for fine motor skills activities to add into the mix. This fun milking a Cow activity is perfect for a farm or animal theme in a toddler classroom. Here’s a quick easy project for hand strengthening that’s sure to get a couple off laughs too! We allow the child to grasp and squeeze the finger downward to simulate milking a cow.


In this Toddlers, we do a lot of fun fine motor activities, just to help children develop their fine motor skills. There’s something magical playing with tape, maybe it’s the sound that it makes when they pull it or the sticky stuff. They enjoy to pick at and peel tape off on the surface of the table and stick it back down. Toddler A, enjoy this activity, and it is also a very clean activity.


Toddlers got to pick seeds and plant them with soil. They monitored the growth each day and marveled at their foot-long successes!


Preschoolers, tried something different. They began their botany unit started with a study of roots with the help of bean seeds. They discovered roots can be as big or longer than the plant itself and are the most important part for holding it down.


Counting with Easter eggs


We love letting our toddlers chat about what they see and encourage them by providing visuals and books! This toddler loved telling us about Easter eggs and the flowers she saw at the Park on their walk.

Older Toddlers are working on familiarizing themselves with the concept of wiring in books, holding a pencil and what letters look like- Preparation for Preschool. But they most enjoyed learning about recycling and Earth day!

As we study South Korea, we looked at some delicious foods including Kimchi and Bibimbap. Toddlers made their own paper versions too.

Earth day is a great time to share with children the importance and love for our Earth, children were curious to know how recycling actually happens, how paper is made and why its so important to save it as well as how to help the animals living in cold areas. They used recyclable materials to make art, like this friend above who made a tree with egg cartons.

Practicing using chopsticks for snack

Ms Tasha, gives her preschoolers plenty of opportunities to scribble and do mock writing as children are learning on “conveying messages” and understanding that this is why we read an write

sewing together patches and making a collage, both inspired by Korean concept of Bojagi, design put together in the form of squares!

Using a Bojagi block work

Our language program, especially in preschool, focuses a lot on building strong foundations with sound association and phonics, rather than letters and ABCs. This carefully guided process with the teachers sets very young children up for success in later years like Kindergarten and even high school.

Just a day in Preschool when children were eager to prepare and serve their own snack, the teachers love giving the children as many “teachable moments” relating to practical life as possible.


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