This week our classroom focused mainly on learning about USA and plants!

For Science, we continued investigating our plants and making observational drawings of them! The children compared our indoor and outdoor plants and paid close attention to detail while finding differences. We discussed when making an observational/ scientific drawing we “draw what we see, not what we think!” Planning our drawings was also part of the activity, deciding which colors we will need and talking about what we see helped us remain Scientists! We also learnt the parts of a plant through felt cutouts! Next week we will use all the names we learnt to talk about our plants and see if we can find any of the parts we learned about, in the plants!



Practical life:

As you may already know, the Spring-tea was scheduled for this week, in preparation we practiced pouring and serving, and having polite conversations with our guests. This is an important part of the Montessori grace and courtesy curriculum, watch as some friends practice having tea with each other!

Small funnels are great for pouring exercises!

We also introduced a new flower making work the kids thoroughly enjoyed!

pipe-cleaners, cupcake papers and scissors!


Our wonderful music teacher Marcia gifted us with lettered beads and some other fun things! We used them to make our friends and family’s names with pipe cleaners. Using familiar names for works helps children remember the names of letters.


Making rings with names!

We also worked on some pre-writing exercises this week;

Using q-tips and watercolors to follow the lines

As part of our USA Cultural unit, we had cooking class this week where we made Paletas with banana, milk, vanilla essence and sugar! We had them the next morning for snack and they tasted just like Icecream. Watch as the children cook with Phil and enjoy their paletas!


We also finished making the USA flag, worked on a new map puzzle as well as looked at some North American animals!



Enjoy our friends in the music corner and the Book nook!

Sitting by the book nook!



Books we read: Im new here by Anne Sibley O’Brien, Its okay to be different by Todd Parr and What can you do with a Paleta by Carmen Tafolla. 


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