Enjoy our first ever Preschool blog!

We did  some Science, Art, Math and Sensorial activities!

Science: Our classroom is bug infested! We are exploring Butterflies, Ants, Bees and Spiders. The children are learning that Lifecycles can vary between bugs and differences between pupa, chrysalis and cocoon and Larvae. As our caterpillars went inside their chrysalis, we predicted how long it would take for them to metamorphose by referring to informational books. We put our predictions on the calendar and this week our butterflies emerged from their chrysalises exactly when we expected!

Observing the Caterpillars


Watching and Feeding our butterflies!


Planting: Last week we planted some wildflowers and Zinnia seeds and placed them in different places around the classroom; outside, by the window and away from the window. The children compared the plants and talked about their different qualities and will continue to observe their growth!

Comparing different plants during morning circle


Exploring magnets!


Magnets: The children also began exploring a Magnetic vs non magnetic work, eventually they will sort the items accordingly and learn about positive and negative charges!














Culture: The children started making the USA flag and learnt what it stands for. We also read Tomie DePaola’s The legend of the Indian Paintbrush and used it for inspiration to make our own sunsets! The children learn about different colors in the sunset and played with the hues!

Making red stripes for the USA flag!

Watercolor sunsets!


Sensorial: This week we introduced a color sorting work with some advanced colors such as Fuschia, Tan, Cyan, Gold, Silver and different shades of blue and green. This work helps differentiate between varying hues, requiring children to pay close attention to the colors as this can be a challenge for young children. We also found the colors in our classroom while using the specific vocabulary!

Sorting colors!


Math: The children used a roll it, count it and write it work for math. Counting numbers on dice helps recognize the quantity without counting it!

Roll it, count it and write it!


Enjoy a video of the children at the sprinklers!


Books we read this week: You and me together, moms dads and kids around the world by Barbara Kerley, Brave chicken little by Robert Byrd, Big cat by Ethan Long, One big pair of Underwear by Laura Gehl and Tom Leichtenheld, Theo’s mood by Maryann Cocca-Leffler and Does a Kangaroo have a mother? By Eric Carle


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