As well all know, summer is near. So is warmer weather, and longer days and children who need to be entertained, and fed of course. Snacking is important for children as their small stomachs need to fill up more frequently because of all the energy they burn! In fact, snacks don’t have to be sweet and unhealthy. In fact, it’s good that they be healthy since snacks help prevent little kids from getting cranky when they’re hungry, and they can help older kids prevent over-eating at meals. That is why we’ve compiled 6 deliciously refreshing snacks for kids of all ages and most dietary needs.


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Don’t worry about making a mess, these are all relatively simple and healthy recipes!


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  1. Coconut Water Popsicles
    1. Cut up assorted fruit
    2. Place fruit in popsicle molds
    3. Fill with coconut water
    4. Freeze overnight!


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  1. Smoothie bowls
    1. Blend frozen berries with almond milk
    2. Pour into bowl
    3. Top with cereal, granola, or even more fruit!


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  1. Frozen Yogurt Bites
    1. Blend plain Greek yogurt with your favorite berries
    2. Pour mixture into ice cube tray
    3. Freeze overnight
    4. Pop out, enjoy!

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  1. Fruit and cheese kabobs
    1. Cut cheese of your liking in small cubes, large enough to go on a skewer though
    2. Alternate putting grapes and strawberries on kabobs with cheese
    3. Have plain yogurt, and or honey to drizzle on top!
    4. If you fear little ones getting hurt with skewer, simply place fruit and cheese in bowls, and drizzle honey and yogurt!


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  1. Watermelon Pizza
    1. Cut up watermelon into circle slices and then into 4 halves like a pizza!
    2. Have each kid top their slice with desired fruit, or even melted chocolate!


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  1. Peanut Butter Banana Popsicles
    1. Puree 2 bananas, with ¼ cup of PB and ½ cup of greek yogurt
    2. Pour some chocolate chips into 4-6 popsicle molds and pour in mixture
    3. Freeze overnight and enjoy!


For even more refreshing ideas, check this video out!

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