Setting goals with you kids before the new school year is a great way to get them excited for the months ahead! Goals are always better when they are personalized to your kids’ needs and interests, but here is a general guideline to help you get your goals list started. Remember to keep your goals realistic and achievable, breaking them up into long-term and short-term goals may help, but most importantly make them fun!


1) Reading Clubs

At the beginning of each week or month (depending on your kid’s reading level) go to the bookstore and have your child pick out a book. This is not only a great opportunity to enhance reading skills, but it is also a chance for you and your child to bond and spend time together. Read the book together and once you finish it, discuss it! What were your favorite parts/characters? What did you think of the ending? etc. Then move on to the next book! Have your kids take turns picking out the books and try different genres too.


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2) Math in real life

Your kids will probably be learning basic math at some point this year. Make it a goal to apply what they learn to the real world! This can be done every day. Counting things around the house, adding toy cars, learning the value of coins. Help them connect what they learn in class to the world around them.


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3) Become a writer

Help foster your kid’s creative side by having them write a book this year! It does not have to be long or complicated. This is just a goal to help develop their writing skills, learn how to express themselves, and put their creative thoughts on paper. Have them include illustrations too! This goal can be broken down into short-term mini goals. Like a chapter a month. whatever it is, make sure your kid is working on the project through the year.


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There are many other goals you can set with your kids. Get their input too, ask them if there is anything they want to learn or improve this year. The aim of your goals should be to get your child to develop and work on skills that may need some practice. A great way to keep track with your goals is to create visual aids. Draft out a plan of your goals with a timeline, this way at the end of each week or month, you can see if you are on track and reward progress!


Have a great school year!


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