The weather in Boston in recent weeks has been following quite a roller-coaster pattern, however you should not let this stop you from getting out and about with your (probably restless) children. Spring is a beautiful season of new life and growth, and there is no better feeling from being out in the fresh air after spending so much time indoors over the harsh winter.


Here’s out top 10 activities for kids this spring!


  1. Easter Egg Hunt

As Easter falls particularly late this year, we have a bit to wait before Lent promises can be broken.  However, an Easter egg hunt is a great way to meet friends and neighbors while your children run around (probably cancelling out any sugar they will eat later). Along with the Egg Hunt, you’ll be entertained by professional face painters, balloonists, and an adorable baby animal petting zoo. The event is free and open to all and will happen regardless of the weather.


  1. Family Hike


Hiking is a great family activity, for so many reasons; it is appropriate for all ages and a wide range of abilities, it’s free, dynamic, and it’s good for the body, mind and soul. It can also be a great time to speak one-on-one with your child. There are however, many places that offer more than hiking trails like playgrounds, swimming pools, or animal encounters, to tempt the less enthusiastic hikers among you.


  1. Educate Your Children At a Farmers’ Market


With farmers’ markets reopening soon, there is no better way to start your weekend than walking through stalls of fresh, organic produce and talking with local vendors. Use this experience to educate your children about the value of a dollar, where food comes from, which fruits and vegetables in season. By giving your children a small amount money, it can also a great way to teach them how to conduct a financial transaction, and how to make choices.


  1. Chocolate: The Exhibition

This is definitely a crowd-pleaser but also worth a visit. Discover the complete story behind with the delicious phenomenon that we call ‘chocolate.’ Tickets are a little on the pricier side, $20 for children and $25 for adults, but how many people can say that they have been to a chocolate museum? This is a temporary exhibition on tour from the Field Museum in Chicago and runs through May 7th.


  1. Boston: STEM Fair

The Boston STEM Fair is for parents and kids who want to learn about opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The fair offers the rare opportunity to come meet local organizations who are inspiring today’s students with unique, hands-on programs that build interest and knowledge in STEM. Learn about summer camps, after-school programs, college planning and tech entrepreneurship and find a program that interests your child. Exhibitors will discuss programs in robotics, engineering, coding, 3D printing, science, web development and more. Enter to win a number of valuable STEM prizes donated by exhibitors. The event is free and open to the public.


  1. Watch Maple Sugaring at Local Farms

This age-old tradition is a real mark of Spring and a true family experience. Learn how to identify a sugar maple, observe tapping and sap collection methods, and watch the sap being boiled down in the sugarhouse. Of course, you then get a sweet taste of the final product. Also indulge in a hot dog cooked in maple sap, sample their delicious soup and desserts made by sanctuary volunteers, or browse through the gift shop. Syrup is available for sale. Sugar Shack Saturdays at Appleton Farms are also worth checking out as they are specifically tailored for children eight years old and under.


  1. Arts & Crafts at The Kids Place

The Kids Place is a fun, creative, interactive art studio for children of all ages. Make a gift or make something special for yourself. There are six projects to choose from: paint pottery; plaster or canvas; make candles and mine for gems; birthday parties; classes; workshops; vacation camps; story time; adult paint night. For more information visit their website; or check our Facebook Page for upcoming events & workshops. It is open seven days a week from 10am to 6pm.


  1. South Boston Candlepin

South Boston Candlepin offers affordable fun for you and your family. The friendly staff and nostalgic atmosphere bring a vintage feel to this bowling alley. Older kids will love the candlepin bowling while younger children can join in by using the bumper lanes. Fuel up between games with Java House snacks and drinks served at the entrance. For some nocturnal fun, visit during the evening, when you can get a glowing lane.


  1. On Your Bike


You will probably have to wait for this cold spell to pass before braving this one. This is more suited towards older children for obvious reasons. Bikes can be rented for two hours at the reasonable price of $25 from Urban Adventours. Included in the price is a map, lock, a bike map and a wide array of bikes.


  1. Go Wild at Six Flags

Isn’t there a saying something along the lines of; do one thing that scares you every day? Well, brave Six Flags with your children on April 8th, its Opening Weekend and I do not think your children would begrudge you if you counted that as a years-worth of scaring. Reading the website alone is not for the faint-hearted. They do have tasty funnel cakes though.


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