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Be a student.

With summer finally coming around, this is the best time for you to turn into a student yourself. Whether it’s taking online courses, pursuing a Master’s, or learning a new language, the sudden availability of free time that comes when school is finally over is the perfect opportunity to delve into your own studies. Take advantage of this newly found extra time and broaden your education; after all, the more well-rounded your own education is, the more well-rounded your students’ will be as well.


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Prepare and plan.

It’s never too early to begin brainstorming lesson plans for the fall. Consider what worked this year and where you could have improved introducing new topics. Take a new approach on teaching! Keep things interesting for you and your students by introducing new forms of teaching. Remember the times when you were a student, what kinds of teaching methods worked best on you? You can always look online for inspiration too.



What better way to spend time around kids and still do what you love than volunteering? Whether it’s teaching English or simply giving back, volunteering at a local organization is a great way to make you feel accomplished and productive during the summer.


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Work on your physical health.

During the school year it can be hard to find some “me time.” So take advantage of this summer and revitalize your physical health. Whether it’s getting a gym membership, jogging in the mornings, drinking tea, or creating a healthy sleep cycle for yourself, it is important to take care of your health since it impacts your mood and productivity.


On the beach, in your bed, at a cafe. Novels, poetry, autobiographies. Whatever it is, reading is a great way to unwind, relax, and yet still have your brain be engaged and active. Try to read as much as you can this summer! It will pay off and you will feel much more accomplished than if you spend that time scrolling through your phone.


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Rest and relax.

Last but certainly not least, take it easy! These are your vacations; the perfect time to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation. Maybe sign up for a spa day or get a massage. Be sure to recharge so that by the time fall comes (and trust me, it will come quickly) you are ready to take on the new school year with an abundance of energy and motivation.


Above all, enjoy your time off! Laugh, love, and simply, be; you deserve it. Fall will come around soon enough.


Isabella Arteaga


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